CBD Sales!

We are excited to be affiliated with Master Growers; Master Growers was founded in 2014, with the primary mission of introducing people, and educating patients about the miraculous healing properties of whole plant cannabis medicine. MG’s products have been specifically developed to help patients reduce pain and inflammation, improve the quality of their lives, and maintain a healthy existence.

They have 4 great products that we are promoting at 420 Abundance/CANaccelerate which our patients have had great feedback about. They include:

CBD Oral Spray: Every oral spray contains pure CBD extract combined with organic fractionated coconut oil and essential oils to enhance bio-availability and increase absorption. Our unique blend delivers a fresh taste that is lightly sweetened with stevia to encourage repetitive use.

CBD Capsules: Our pure 100% CBD is combined with some of nature’s most amazing superfoods: turmeric, cayenne pepper, shilajit and fractionated coconut oil. This unique blend aides in enhanced bio-availability and digestion for optimum absorption.

CBD Pain relief ointment: Our Red Dragon ointment offers fast-acting, powerful pain relief. Each 1oz jar contains 100mg of pure CBD extract.

If interested please reach out to info@canaccelerate.com so we can coordinate you with Master Growers.