The Brand of CANaccelerate

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Using our brand, CANaccelerate, our mission is to evaluate exposure, education and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and companies alike working within the cannabis industry.

Our Cannabis Resource Center is a marketing vision created by our president, Sammy Trujillo.  “My model was to always help anyone I could with a word of encouragement for their business. I fell in love with talking with politicians and law makers and became just as much activist as entrepreneur.”

As we continue to build our team and our brand, We are here to establish a model for entrepreneurs working within the cannabis industry looking to accelerate their businesses. Not only are we here to provide opportunities to increase market exposure for companies and their products but also we have the ability to conveniently access value-added business services to propel entrepreneurs to the next level.

We are proud of our brand here at CANaccelerate. Not just in terms of a logo but more so the initial promise behind who we are and what we represent.

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